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Getting notified when parent transformation changed

  • Hello,

    I have a simple application with a custom QQuickItem and associated QSGRenderNode. This custom element is a child of the parent "root" element. When I apply a 180 degree rotation to the root element (sort of "screen flip") I would like to get some notification for the custion QQuickItem child element that its actual screen position has been changed.
    I have tried connecting "xChanged" "yChanged" and "rotationChanged" signals to call update() method but the signals are not being triggered, also no updatePaintNode() is being called. I must manually call item->mapRectToScene to get the new position. I can retrieve the new position also durning rendering in QSGRenderNode::render() method, using RenderState::scissorRect for example, but I need the updated position notification outside the render thread, preferably BEFORE rendering.
    Is there any chance to get notified when the parent element changed the absolute position of a child element?


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