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Qt Creator hangs (stop work) on 20 sec, when I often write and erase text

  • I have the not-clearly problem with Qt Creator.
    The problem is next:
    When I often write and erase text in the editor, my Qt Creator stop work on 10 or 20 seconds and don't react on my keypress and mouse moving. I.e. The Qt Creator have hang on 10-20 sec.

    But through 10-20 seconds, the Qt Creator work is continued.

    This Qt Creator hang happens 3-4 time in 5 minutes, I am puzzled.

    I think that it is related with bubble help for code, but I can be mistaken.

    I use:
    Qt Creator 2.3.1
    Based on Qt 4.7.4 (32bit)
    version 8840168fc5

    OS windows 7 (64bit)

    How made so that Qt Creator don't hung?

    1. Are there any solution for this problem?
    2. Or how I can turn off the bubble help for code?


    (P.S. sorry for my probably no correct english)

  • Moderators

    Did you "file a bug report":

    What exactly were you doing when the freeze happens? Delete a big chunk of text? What kind of text (build system files or C++ code or QML or what)?

    Is there any progress bar visible on the left (above the computer icon) while Qt Creator freezes?

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