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Projects ->"New Subproject "... -> Import Project ....

  • I am trying to utilize QtCreator options to IMPORT existing project.
    Using this sequence :
    Projects ( select working "subproject " project ) ->"New Subproject "... -> Import Project -> Import Existing Project ....

    The first stumbling block is in " Import Existing Project" option description


    ... project that do not use qmake ....

    I am trying to import test project ( standard Application project ) made by Qt
    Don't all standard Qt projects use qmake ??

    Second and show stopping block is - I cannot figure out how to select the desired project from " Import Existing Project File Selection ".


    After what I think is proper selection - highlight the "Import Project " in my test case - I push "next" .
    Then "Import Existing Project Project Management" appears


    And "files -> Add as subproject to project" is grayed out and blank.

    Obviously I did not select WHERE to add the imported project.

    Hopefully it is my wrong way of "selecting the project " in " Import Existing Project File Selection ".

    As silly as it looks - I cannot find anywhere HOW to physically select the file / project.

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    The dialog you are using is described in and is basically to use Qt Creator as editor for alien project types (i.e. not qmake, CMake, QBS).

    I think what you really want to do is to add an existing project as subproject?

    That is described in


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    @AnneRanch Btw, which version of QtCreator is that?

    My version (4.14.0) does not even provide the option to import an subproject.

  • @aha_1980
    In a previous thread we discovered the OP is using Creator 3.x from 2015, but does not wish to upgrade despite its shortcomings/our suggestions....

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    Thanks @JonB.

    I think in this case both this thread as well as the bugreport QTCREATORBUG-25282 are invalid now.

  • @aha_1980 Irregardless what version I am using - this reference does not show "Add existing project(s) " option.


    Which brings back my original comment about "importing project " note about non qmake project. If that is the case - Qt IDE could be more user friendly and let me know I cannot do that.

    Actually - from user point of view - both adding subproject and adding existing project should be an non-version dependent issue. Both options shlud be introduced SAME time. Something about QA comes to mind.

    Thanks for contributing to the solution, appreciate that.


    After more experiments I have better grasp on how qmake and .pro files interact when project with sub projects is implemented.

    I have installed latest version of Qt, now I am stuck with changing the original version qmake to new one.
    Hopefully when that is done I will see "Add Existing Project" option.

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