How to do font arithmetic with QFont in (non ingegral) pixels.

  • I am trying to get a true monospace font on Pi 400, which uses Qt 5.11.3.

    QFont f = QFontDatabase::systemFont(QFontDatabase::FixedFont);
    if(f.styleHint() != QFont::TypeWriter)
        f.setFamily("Monospace"); // Force Monospaced font

    The problem I have is that the conversion pixel <-> point requires rounding.
    In an editor, if one tries to compute where is the n-th character or which character is under the n-th pixel, an integer conversion would be much easier.

    Is there such a thing as a Monospace font with integral (in pixel) size?
    Or can I convert one?

  • Answering my own question.
    Bite the bullet and use QFontMetricsF and do some rounding where necessary.

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