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Qt5GUI.dll is searching for libGLESv2.dll elsewhere

  • Hi all,

    Situation: A "foreign" executable is loading a DLL of my project to executes some commands.

    For Example: C:\ForeignSoft\Caller.exe > LoadLibrary > D:\MySoft\CmdLet.dll

    Behavior: Qt5GuiMy.dll, used in CmdLet.dll, is searching for libGLESv2.dll not in the same directory: D:\MySoft
    It's searching system-wide for this DLL - maybe because it can't find it in C:\ForeignSoft- and finds it first in a system dir, which leads to an error, because of incompatibility.


    I've build Qt 5.11.2 from source with the following options:

    configure.bat -opensource -confirm-license -debug-and-release -shared -force-debug-info -qtlibinfix My -platform win32-msvc -mp -prefix "C:\Qt_Build" -optimized-tools -no-ltcg -angle -openssl -I "C:\OpenSSL\include" -L "C:\OpenSSL\lib" > conf.log

    nmake > build.log

    Everything was build correct and runs fine except of my named problem.


    I know, that maybe the force of using -angle could lead to my problem, but stepping away from this is currently no option for me.

    Does anyone have a hint/clue how to resolve this problem? (without using hard sym links in C:\ForeignSoft)

    Windows 10 Pro x64
    Qt 5.11.2 (Build from Source)
    DirectX 12

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