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Unable to connect QML Remote Object with error "connectionToSource is null"

  • I am trying to use Qt Remote Objects for creating client server application.
    But encountered an issue that says "connectionToSource is null". How do I set the source connection ?

    I am creating the server using the .rep file. The code I had used is as follows:

    Server Code

    // DataBroadcaster class inherits CustomModelSimpleSource.h (generated from .rep file)
    DataBroadcaster dataServer;
    QRemoteObjectHost host;
    host.enableRemoting(&dataServer, "MyDataTag");

    Client Code

    // CustomModelDataReplica is generated from .rep file used to generate source
    // registered as qml type in main
    qmlRegisterType<CustomModelDataReplica>("CustomData", 1, 0, "MyData");

    // Added to QML file

    import CustomData 1.0
    MyData {
    	id: dataClient
    	node: Node {
    		registerUrl: "local:mydata"
    	Button {
    		id: btn
    		text: "Server Data" 
    		onClicked: {
    			// displaying some data from source
    			btn.text = dataClient.myprop


    Server code is running
    Client code is running but when trying to get data I get following error message in debugger
    **"qt.remoteobjects: connectionToSource is null"**

    I am unable to figure out what am I missing.
    If anyone has any idea about how to resolve or where to look for please suggest.

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