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How to make gpio pins as interrupt pins

  • How to make gpio pins as interrupt pins through qt application to sense change in position of rotary switch e.g:if switch position 1 have to access digital input 1 ,if position is 2 have to access digital wise.

  • Hi @Lavanya,

    The Qt for MCUs API supports GUI and platform components required for porting only at the moment. To configure your IO for interrupt and reading that pin's digital state should be implemented in your backend logic using the vendor SDK for IO configuration.

    Which board/chipset are you working on? Once you have setup your interrupt handler and read the pin state, you can implement the logic for how that affects the UI in C++/QML

  • Thankyou for your quick reply Mr.hdonahue. Here we are using arm processor AM4378 based custom board. All Digital ios of ic are connected to gpios pins of processor and also the hardware switches are connected to gpio pins. So the logic of hardware is when we rotate the position of switch the gpio values will set. That hardware logic is implemented. At the same time i want to see that in ui application . so that the application will sense the change of switch position and will show gpiox is setted like that and the switch goes colour change in application . This is overall plan so to do that the qt application have to sense the change in position of switch. So only way it will sense when we use interrupt method but i am not getting how to this .
    Can you please help me in regards.
    Apologies for the long post.

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