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Deployment of Qml based project

  • When I deploy the project, myfile .exe file opens and works fine but besides this, black window that consist of warnings on the application output is openning also. How can I turn off this window. For example in pyqt there are some keywords to not open to this black window. But in this side, I could not figure out this prolem.

    I used the windeployqt as: windeployqt --qmldir "qml source locations" myfile.exe

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    This is not related to QML at all.

    If using qmake, make sure you have this in your .pro:


    And make sure you don't have any of these:

    CONFIG+=console cmdline

  • Thank you so much.

    When I looked to .pro file, I saw that this situation was based on QT += testlib which in the .pro file.


  • @eoreyg said in Deployment of Qml based project:


    great! So please don't forget to mark you r post as solved

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