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A template repository for Qt/QML apps

  • Hi,

    When I create a new Qt project, I usually waste a lot of time writing code for C++/QML initialization, configuring the logger, updater, application appearance, deployment files, etc.

    So I decided to make a template repository at GitHub for my future projects, it features:

    • Code for displaying a QtQuick ApplicationWindow.
    • Automated builds & artifact upload for Windows, macOS & GNU/Linux.
    • GitHub issue templates.
    • Code of conduct file.
    • Translation template files & code.
    • Deploy configurations for Windows, macOS & GNU/Linux.
    • NSIS installer for Windows.
    • Save window size, position & maximize status automatically.
    • Load UI.qml asynchronously (to keep main.qml small).
    • Integration with QSimpleUpdater & CuteLogger.
    • clang-format integration.
    • .gitignore file for Qt projects

    If you need to use OpenSSL for your projects, you will need to add it yourself (or make a pull-request, because I want to automate this and I still haven't done that).

    If you are interested in the repository (or checking it & fix some probable mistakes that I made), you can check it at:


  • Looks very nice. It would be great to have a Qt6 version (pure cmake project)

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