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QT SDK and Qt Creator

  • I hope this is the correct forum. Please move if its not. a disclaimer I am a complete beginner with Qt and C++

    I have a general question about the SDK and its version of the Qt Creator. My understanding is that the Qt Creator is built with MSVC in the SDK and everything else is built with mingw (installed from the offline installer).

    So if I compile a plugin with MSVC (namely QWT) and set it up so the Qt SDK Creator can see it and therefore I can see it in its list of widgets (so I can drag and drop) and then I create a GUI/app etc will qmake and the subsequent mingw build then freak out when it comes to linking since the compiler is mingw but my plugin has been compiled in MSVC? The Qt libs in the SDK are compiled with mingw arent they? So I will be working with 2 incompatible libs.

    Its really confusing to me and I must admit I don't understand why the SDK doesn't come in two flavors (100% mingw or 100% MSVC), but that is neither here nor there and I have to live with it.

    And if anyone knows how to set a permanent path to the QWT libraries I would really appreciate it. In the install file it said to set the QT_PLUGIN_PATH and the PATH (so creator can see it). For the latter does this simply mean adding the path to the windows environment PATH variable?


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    I do understand that you care about which compiler to use when building your code, but why would you want to care what compiler was used to build the tools you work with?

    I admit that the designer plugins do need to be build with whatever was used to build designer with. This is a annoying, but nothing stops you from building the plugin (and one version of the library) with MSVC and then use mingw (together with a mingw-compiled version of the library!) to build your application.

    The SDK ships with MSVC versions of Qt and even if it would not you can easily add those by downloading them from

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