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Qmake/Makefile variables

  • Hello all,

    I am currently developping a unit testing environment for developpers
    This environment is based on Qt/GTest

    I defined one additionnal target (using the QMAKE_EXTRA_TARGETS qmake variable) to start the unit tests

    $make test

    This is working fine.

    But my final objective is to be able to give some additional parameters to this target

    For example, I would to start the following command

    $make test --gtest_filter=MyTest.Basic --gtest_repeat=10

    How can I reach this objective using qmake mechanism?
    In other words, how can I configure qmake so that Makefile addionnal variables are taken into account?
    I search about this subject in this forum but without success

    This objective is easy when using the raw Makefile mechanism

    $ cat Makefile
    echo $(gtest_filter)
    $ make gtest_filter=hello
    echo hello

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