How to Decrease the Size of Qt Apps/libraries?

  • Recently i develop new a application, the size of object files and exe file equal to 15 MB.

    But 6 Qt libraries make its size to 234 MB. I want know how to decrease this size just like normal windows application???

  • What are normal windows applications? Are you sure you are not including in your project file libraries that are not used? Are you statically linking the application to libraries?

  • Are you comparing debug or release builds? 234 MB for qt is not release...
    And If you say, normal application, are you talking about something like MFC? then include all MFC dlls in your calculation ;-)

  • Normal windows applications mean Skype and Yahoo messenger etc whose size is 23 and 12 MB respectively.
    Yes i am sure. All libraries have normal size but QtGuid4.dll and Qt cored.dll are heavy.
    I dont know...!

  • QtGuid4.dll and Qt cored.dll
    These are debug dlls
    so compare them to a skype debug build please...

  • Actually i want to run application independent of Qt SDK.
    Either build a application in debug or release mode. It always asked for missing libraries.
    i.e. "The program cant start because mingwm10.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem."
    When i copy this dll to exe directory then it will ask libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll by displaying same message until it gain all the required dll.

    Tell me why VLC media Player has 20 MB size. It is also build in Qt???

  • You should build in release mode, and use the QtGui4.dll and QtCore4.dll files (note: without the "d"). These are much smaller.

  • Then you should read the deploying documentation.

  • You mean i should study how to share Qt libraries in a system...?

  • Does VCL hase external dalls or is it stacically linked? That can make an app much smaller, but not all license models allow that (for Qt only commercial and GPL I think, LGPL does not allow that).

  • [quote author="wasim3s" date="1323970581"]You mean i should study how to share Qt libraries in a system...?[/quote]

    you can install them in the system or beside your executable

    EDIT: by the way, I checked my VCL installation, it's 56 MB :-)

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