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See any (or selected) items from other QML file (Form Editor)

  • Hey, is it possible to see other items from other QML file? I have program that have GUI and it's splitted in some sub-menus. For easier managing I want to see some items (like navigation panel, what will be the same in every tab) for easier managing objects in current sub-menu.

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    Qn is not very clear. Can you add more details ? There is nothing like accessing/see from other qml files.

  • I have StackView and custom made "Menu Bar" for it in main.qml file. I have subpages (items in other QML files) for this StackView, and user can switch between them by this "Menu Bar". I want to see this "Menu Bar" in every subpage in Qt Designer / this tool where u can Drag&Drop elements for easier customization.

    While editing main.qml file:
    alt text

    While editing any subpage file:
    alt text

    Everything works fine on release / on run, but I want this to better / easier position items etc.

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