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running qt3d example simplewidget

  • Hi all,

    I am trying to setup (unsuccessfully) environment to run "simplewidget example".


    Because I don't have any constraint about versions (just starting with all of it) what version of Qt should I install to have:

    1. Qt with 3D support
    2. Qt3D Studio
    3. QtCreator

    to be able to create presentations in Qt3D Studio and then create my own widgets to show one or more of created presentations in some custom app I can develop.

    I have tried to match versions but It seems I don't understand how to do it, I have installed:

    • Qt6
    • Qt5.15.1
    • Qt-5.15.0
    • mingw730_32
    • mingw730_64
    • mingw810_32
    • mingw810_64

    I get error ":-1: error: Unknown module(s) in QT: 3dstudioruntime2"

    EDIT #1:
    Inside folder C:\Qt\5.15.1\mingw73_64\bin there are only 4 files regarding qt3dviewer but it seems that C:\QtNG\5.15.1\mingw81_64\bin has lots of files and dll's.

    What idea is that behind that, Qt5.15.1 with MinGw73_64 is default for Qt3D Studio inside installer but install Qt5.15.1 gives you default compiler MinGw81_64 and if you want to use it with MinGw73 then you miss files inside C:\Qt\5.15.1\mingw73_64\bin (libs and all).


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