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Topics and classes to learn for visualizing several sorting algorithms on the same layout ?

  • Hi,

    I want to create a desktop app for sorting algorithms visualization: I should get something like layout which will have some widgets on it, each widget will be a visualization of an algorithm on array, and widgets should be added to the layout dynamically. Could you guide me in what topics I should dive into, what classes I should use ?

    Note: I am newbie to QT :)

  • @NarekMeta
    So a quick answer is that you will be using QLayouts. QHBoxLayout & QVBoxLayout can be used for simple arrangement horizontally or vertically, QGridLayout if you want to make an actual row/column grid. Sub-layouts can be added to layouts. Anything derived from QWidget can be added onto a layout via QLayout::addWidget(). All of this can be done dynamically at runtime.

    All of these are documented in the manual. Make sure you have read It's really reasonably straightforward!

  • Yeah, documentations is awesome.
    Thanks for the guide.

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