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Qt silent, unattended install

  • Hi

    I'm having trouble performing an "unattended" silent install of Qt on ubuntu.

    This is the command I'm using:

    ./ --platform minimal --accept-licenses --default-answer --verbose install

    However, the --accept-licenses option isn't working as I would expect. I still get to the following prompt which expects manual input:

    Please read and accept the Open Source Usage Obligations below. Reading the link below helps you choosing the right license for your project.
    Choosing the right license for your projects:
    Buy Qt:
    (Lesser) GNU General Public License v3 obligations:
    * You must not combine code developed with a commercial Qt license with code developed with an open source license of Qt in one project or product
    * Provide a license copy & explicitly acknowledge Qt use
    * Make a Qt source code copy available for customers
    * Accept that Qt source code modifications are non-proprietary
    * Make consumer devices, which allow users to access to install and run modified versions of the SW inside them
    * Accept Digital Rights Management terms, please see the GPL FAQ:
    * Take special consideration when attempting to enforce software patents:
    * For further information, please refer to GPLv3: and LGPLv3:
    [2649] Accept|Reject

    Is there a way I'm missing to automatically pass this prompt (and subsequent prompts)?

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    @samfrances said in Qt silent, unattended install:


    Correctly written? If so I would suggest asking the Qt support - we can't help here since we don't have anything to do with TQtC.

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    Im not sure it allows silent installs out of the box.
    Some one tried here
    Please note the

  • I can also vouch for the ease of using aqt on linux (and other platforms, too).

    Pretty sure this qualifies as an unofficial/unsupported method, but it works:

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