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cross compiling Qt for raspberry pi 4 on ubuntu 18.04

  • Hello everyone !

    I have to create a dashboard so I need to cross compile Qt for my raspberry pi 4 , I am working on raspberry pi os lite but I am willing to creating a new os using buildroot (I am working on it) so I have no desktop version no x server ..

    I actually did cross compile Qt for the raspberry pi os lite before doing it on my os and I has some dysfunctionalities:

    -eglfs is not available on my raspberry I had to use the frame buffer linuxfb to test projects

    -I couldn't even import import QtQuick.Studio.Components 1.0

    -couldn't also debug

    here is the code that I followed to cross compile Qt

    please if you have any documentation on how to cross compile qt for an os with no desktop version please share it with me ! I am working on this project for my end of studies internship and it's been like 2 weeks that I am stuck :(

  • @amina please don't double post. You already posted similar issue.
    Try to follow on that thread instead.

    EDIT: you almost triple post.

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