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License questions

  • Hi i have tried contacting QT prior to writing this how ever they said as i do not have a license they cant help and it is best to ask on the forum.
    my question is:
    If i purchase a license small business license (and i do not yet own a business )

    1. is this ok?

    2. i have a laptop and a desktop can i use the same license on both devices or would it require two licenses.
      <space as next section is slightly different>

    3. If i write open source software to start with android + web assembly mainly... Would i need to to register a small business in order to purchase QT?
      (the bit that throws me off is it asks for business name).

    4. what license would best suit a person that has 2 computers (laptop + desktop) will write commercial software eventually (but not straight away). My targets are mainly andriod + linux computers. Also some ROS + Arduino which are some remote control robots ?

    Sorry if this is also the wrong section but i had tried contacting Sales and they told me that i do not have a license so i have to ask questions on the forum.

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    That sales person may have not understood what you asked him. The forum is usually for programming related question, there's nobody from the Qt Company sales watching it.

    There are people here who have the small business license and are happy with it.

    AFAIK, the license is per developer not per machine.

    You should start your project with the right license otherwise you'll have to check with the Qt Company when switching from OpenSource to commercial.

    For definitive answers, you shall content the Qt Company again asking for a different person this time.

  • Also, I would note that you could use LGPL in commercial, as long as you follow the rules (using .dll/providing .obj files, see LGPL).

    But because WASM is GPL it could be problematic. I've tried to search some info about WASM and GPL (not Qt specific) and haven't found much info about limitations (need to provide the source code? Is running WASM same as distribution+execution of standalone application?)

  • @Trigve WASM works like javascript really. i have used WASM with rust before and had much joy with it. It appears QT sales wont help me with my questions as i do not have a registered businss email address. That is the reason i have to ask here.

    if say i am using ROS.. and build a gui to control the ros device that runs on linux and simply sends requests to the ROS device for example a fan spinning on and off. the ROS device feeds back the temperature that QT displays. Would i need a MCU license. or would a application license small business license cover this?

  • This post is deleted!

  • WASM I was referring to was WASM as a platform in Qt. This is released under GPL.

    I can't help you with ROS. You should really, as was mentioned, contact the Qt again. In my previous interaction with Qt all my questions were answered (using sales contact request).

  • @Trigve T QT support and licensing have come back to me with some great information. It appears i may be joining the QT club soon. i just need to confirm that QT small business covers embedded devices.

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