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[SOLVED] VCS support lost???

  • Hi, everyone,

    I've just updated to Qt-Creator 2.4.0 and now there is no more options pager to setup VCS support.

    Bug or feature? ;)


  • Moderators

    I still have them in Tools->Options->Version Control, so bug, not feature.

    Please check that all the relevant plugins are installed and enabled (Help->About plugins, there should be a top level item called Version Control in there).

  • Yep, that solved it... but another problem occours:

    I'm working under Windows7 and have the VisualSVN-Server installed. In the options dialog I configured Subversion, but no menu entry for it appears in the Tools menu...

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    We only ever show the options for the VCS that is used by the current project. You do not want Git, Mercurial, CVS, Bazaar and Perforce clutter up your menus for your Subversion project, do you?

    So go to File->New Project->Import existing project and import your SVN project and you will have subversion available. What we do not support is the initial setup of new subversion repositories. That tends to involve some admin setting up a new repository and I do consider that out of scope for an IDE. Please feel free to vote for that feature in "our bugtracker": if you care. I do have a feature request for that somewhere...

    I recommend taking a look into the documentation by the way. It is rather good and does cover version control system integration.

  • [quote author="Tobias Hunger" date="1323856019"]I recommend taking a look into the documentation by the way.[/quote]
    Hello, Tobias,

    well, I did that, even before asking. Seems I've been trapped by the there mentioned "local repositries", as I hold a repo on my local disk.

    But, finally, I got it working on Windows7 with the following steps:

    A well installed VisualSVN-Server;
    A well installed TourtoiseSVN;
    and of course a properly installed Qt SDK 1.1.4.

    After creating a project with Qt Creator you can import it's directory structure into the svn repo.
    Then close it in Qt Creator, and get it back via File->New...->Get from VCS repository.

    The project files in the working folder will be overwritten, but... who cares? ;)

    Thanks for your advise!


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