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QML application produces blackbox instead of intended GUI

  • Hey guys,

    We have a project written in Go & QML -

    We have deployed it and it works great, however we came across a Windows 7 x64 bit user who seems to be having GUI issues Windows 7 Error

    For reference, this is the launcher how it should look
    Launcher Window

    We have an error log once the launcher loads, but this errors.log file does not get created which points to this being an issue before it fully launches. We had the user download and install DirectX - (which has fixed a different GUI issue in the past) with no luck.

    The window does not crash, and there is no visible error message on the screen (I am not sure what that red X is). If the user hits enter when the screen is in focus, the application does close.

    Do you have any recommendations for things to try?

    Thank you

  • Turning on all of the QLoggingCategory categories has helped me diagnose similar symptoms. set QT_LOGGING_RULES=*.=true should provide a flood of feedback if anything Qt related is active. has a few more suggestions. QT_DEBUG_PLUGINS might be revealing.

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