Problem in receiving data on QTcpSocket

  • Hi,
    I am writting a client application using QTcpSocket, my server has been written using winsock API not using QT.
    from my client socket(QTcpSocket) , whatever be data I am sending to server it is received by server correctly, but when server replied I am not getting any data at client. Even I tried to put bytesAvailable() in a while loop also, but I didnt get any data.

    Note :- At server side I debugged and checked that winsock API send() has been written the data successfully to sockets.
    Please help where I am going wrong.


  • Hi Ashish,

    • In your client application, is the QTcpSocket signal readyRead() emitted when it should receive some data ?
    • Try to debug the QTcpSocket signals connected(), disconnected(), error() ! maybe your client is disconnected at the time it should receive some data from the server..
    • do you have some source ?

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your suggestion.
    Actually I am writting a dll that will get loaded by mstsc.exe process on client machine.
    WHile going through the architecture of qt application I came to know that there should be one QApplication object exist, so that I created one QApplication global object, but didnt call exec on that.

    int argc = 0;
    QApplication appObject(argc, NULL);

    Could it be a reason that since I am not calling exec() on my qapplication object , my socket is not receiving the data. If I will call also , what should be the idle place to call that since after that control will not return from this function, and I am writting dll here not exe.

    Is it mandatory to call exec() to even get the signals as well???

    Meanwhile I will try to debug the signals and will come back.


  • That should be the problem!

    Qt Signals & Slots rely's on the event-loop,

    When you initialize a QApplication (Gui) or QCoreApplication (non-Gui), the event-loop starts after you call exec()!

    Now the problem is that a QApplication or QCoreApplication needs to be created in the main thread!
    and that thread is started before your library is loaded...

    good thing is there are some options! :)

    • You can can try to call QApplication::processEvents() from your main applications event loop

    • You can create a second thread and start QApplication::exec() from there

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