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Program of QtCreator crashed

  • I have problem with QtCreator, whenever i compile my program, when calling a function or using a loop, the program crashes out of nowhere, can someone help me please?

  • @Paulo-Henrique
    Not without seeing your code, no....

    Creator is not a compiler, it's an IDE. It calls whatever external compiler you have installed and pointed it to. If your code crashes it is an issue with your code/compilation/running, not Creator.

    If your code does crash: make sure you are compiling for Debug, and then run your application from Creator via the Debug button thing. When the "crash" is hit, the debugger should "grab control". Find the stack trace window there, and it will show a trace from the low-level crash back up to your own source code at a particular line. Examine that line carefully, as your code will be erroneous there.

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