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Copying contents of window from one to another?

  • Hello, I have a QQuickItem playing a video in a window that I would like to crop out two portions of the video and play them in their own windows.
    So far I have though about

    • ShaderEffectSource - Problem is that it only copies textures from the same window, which will not be shown
    • QScreen::grabWindow - I'd rather the window not be visible and I'd imagine this would not be too CPU efficient, plus it would take up too much real estate since the window couldn't be hidden
    • QQuickFrameBufferObject::toImage - Would be far too inefficient for what I'm thinking probably, and I'm not sure I'd know the best way to implement.
    • QOpenGLFrameBufferObject::blitFramebuffer - Not too sure I understand its model with the threading, especially in regards to how to grab the stuff to blit if it shouldn't be cached with a pointer, just in general, I'm not too sure about it, I don't know enough about OpenGL as I'd like to so it really doesn't help.

    Anyone have any better ideas?

  • @SourceSlayer Did you figure out some solution for this ? I'm in need to the same thing.