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How to block signal in QML

  • Hi. How can I block/unblock specific signal in QML? For example "onContentYChanged".

  • @PawlosCK
    It's a bit unclear to me what you want to do. If you are programatically changing contentY and you don't want a "feedback"-like reaction of your code you could define a

    property bool busy: false

    which you set to true while doing your thing. The method "onContentYChanged" can then be made conditional:

    onContentYChanged: {
        if (!busy) {


  • Hi. I did it and it didn't work. I mean, slot should not be executed, but I saw logs from this slot.
    I wanted to block signal at startup (and later in some cases), because function setValues adds new items at startup and this signal was invoked.
    I tried to disconnect signal from object using something like this (it's not from my code), but it didn't work too.

     mouse.clicked.connect( function(){ console.log("22222")  });

    Next, I tried to use "Connections"

                id: connection_signal_move_items
                target: listviewID
                function onCurrentItemChanged() { listviewID.moveItemsTouchAndMouse() }
                enabled: false
    		connection_signal_move_items.enabled = false
    		connection_signal_move_items.enabled = true

    and it didn't work too, so I didn't know where is problem. I thought, that I did something wrong and I started this thread.

    Currently, I started use other signal and currently looks well. I have to test it more.

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