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Issues with Qt on mac OS 10.11 (Big Sur)

  • I have been experimenting with running Easy Data Transform on macOS 11.0. Here are the main issues I have so far:

    1. The QFileDialog::DontConfirmOverwrite flag is ignored when passed to QFileDialog::getSaveFileName(). Which means that you can't use this flag and handle the message yourself, or you will end up with a double warning. This seems to have been an issue since macOS 10.15. It still isn't fixed in Qt 5.15.2. It is annoying, but relatively easy to work around. The Qt bug report is QTBUG-39791.

    2. QMessageBox::information() shows a placeholder icon instead of the information icon. It is only cosmetic. But it looks shonky and Mac users tend to care a lot about this sort of thing. I can reproduce it in Qt 5.15.2. I don't know of a workaround. The Qt bug report is QTBUG-88928.


    1. QMessageBox::warning(), QMessageBox::information() etc show the default focus button incorrectly. For example:
    QMessageBox::warning( this, "App", "text", QMessageBox::Ok|QMessageBox::Cancel, QMessageBox::Ok );

    Gives a nasty focus rectangle around the 'OK' button:


    1. There are also some other styling issues. The Qt bug report is QTBUG-86513.

    2. Dark Mode still doesn't seem to work properly for Qt apps.

    There was an issue on macOS 10.15 where using QFileDialog::getSaveFileName() to save over an existing file could cause a crash. Thankfully I couldn't reproduce that for macOS 10.11. The Qt bug report is QTBUG-83342.

    I would be interested to hear of the experience of other developers with macOS 11.0. Any other Qt macOS 11.0 issues I should know about?

    I realize it is a big challenge for the Qt developers to keep such a large codebase up-to-date with so many continually evolving platforms. But the Mac version always feels rather neglected compared to the Windows version. And it is the one with the most fussy end users! I wish Qt would prioritise basic issues such as the above over adding whizzy new features, 80% of which most Qt developers probably never use. macOS 11.0 was released a couple of weeks ago and betas have been available for a while.

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