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QML Plugin Problem

  • Dear Friends,
    I'm new to QT. I need to expose the qtwidget from qt to qml. I've studied the document and I've created the plugin to show the button inside the widget to qml. but there is some error occurred. Please help to solve my problem. or just post any basic code like i need. please.... Thanks in advance.

  • Hello,

    Please, post error messages. Without them we can't help you.

  • Dear task_struct, i had solve the problem. i'm not used *QGraphicsproxywidget * i've added that and now it works fine. and i've an another questions.,
    Why the plugin is often shows an error while we compile and build that?.
    i'm import the plugin in QML file and also set the import path in qmlproject file. but still the red color underline appears.

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