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windeployqt ignores Qt.labs.platform

  • I need to use Qt.labs.platform/FileDialog due to specific limitation in file dialog provided by QtQuick. Namely, it doesn't allow to set file name before dialog starts. The issue is, we're using windeployqt tool to gather all Qt binaries and pieces for our application. And this tool completely ignores that specific QML package, while fetching in Qt.labs.calendar just fine (probably pulled in by some library internals).

    I've added Widgets component as required for Qt in CMake's find_package. I link my binary with QWidgets, and it links just fine. I've added import Qt.labs.platform 1.1 in file which uses that component. Unfortunately these steps don't seem to be enough. What else do I need for windeployqt to recognize Qt.labs.platform plugin as dependency?


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