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Error during installation process - Not parseable

  • Hi,
    I'm creating a new topic for this error because I see it has all the similar errors are for Windows OS, whereas I am trying to install QT6 on Linux (Ubuntu 18.04), and keep getting the same error at 66% of the intsall?

    It is basically the following:
    Error during installation process (xxx):
    The output of
    is not parseable. Please file a bugreport with this dialog
    output: ""

    Obviously I have replaced my system specific details with the 'xxx'.
    I have already closed the error window, otherwise I would place that info too.

    Has anyone managed to solve this error on a Linux system recently?
    I don't believe it is a permission error, though have a couple of ideas I will still attempt in the mean time.

    I will post here if I manage to get somewhere.


  • Same issue I met...

  • @ANTZ411 ,
    Currently, Qt6 doesn't support Ubuntu 18.04.
    You can upgrade your OS into 20.04 then install again.

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