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workerscript always recieve the first version of ListModel

  • Peculiar behavior: I have set a timer to send a message [model] to workerscript where it would do some work but on model update, changes are not reflected in the workerscript where it only recieves the initial version on every trigger.

    // workerscript
    WorkerScript.onMessage = function (arg) {
        console.log(arg.model.get(0).next)  //it is always the initial value of model
    // Main.qml
    import "model"
      DataModel {
            id: dataModel
      WorkerScript {
            id: bgScript
            source: "script.js"
      Timer {
            interval: 6000
            running: true
            repeat: true
            onTriggered: {
                console.log(dataModel.get(0).next)   // it is updated here on change
                bgScript.sendMessage({'model': dataModel})

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