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Pop up Menu outside QtWindow

  • Hi, for reasons that are immovable, I need to pop up a qt quick menu outside the QtQuickWindow.

    Qt doesn't allow this, and will try to reposition the menu inside the window if popped up outside.
    I was able to make it pop up where I wanted by first calling popup in 0,0 and then moving the contentItem and background to my desired location.
    However, the ClickedOutside area still believes the menu is at 0,0, so there is a patch in the top left corner that doesn't close the menu when pressed.

    import QtQuick 2.14
    import QtQuick.Controls 2.4 as CTL
    CTL.Menu {
        id: root
        function makeAppear(x, y) {
            popup(0, 0)
            contentItem.x = x
            contentItem.y = y
            background.x = x
            background.y = y
        modal: true
        CTL.Overlay.modal: Rectangle {
            scale: 2
            color: "#55000000"

    I tried adding a mouseArea, hoping that that would appear in the pre-moved location, but I'm never able to get a print from it.

    property var hack: MouseArea {
            id: hack
            height: root.height
            width: root.width
            x: root.x
            y: root.y
            onClicked: console.log("clicked the thing")

    Any suggestions?

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