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Problem with launching an executable & ATI

  • Hello,

    I have a strange problem with launching a game and the function startDetached.

    QStringList test;
    test << "-game";
    test << "cstrike";
    test << "-opengl";
    if (!QProcess::startDetached("hl.exe", test)) {
    QMessageBox::critical(this, QString("Erreur critique"), "Le jeu n'a pas pu ĂȘtre lancer, hl.exe introuvable dans le dossier courant");

    The probem is thats works on all computer, but I have some people who can't launch the game, and they got all an ATI. I tried a lot of thing, and when I copy/past the cmd line to cmd.exe, the game is launching well. I tried to copy the line to a .bat and execute it, and it's the same. By the QT program it doesn't work, and by launching the .bat by the explorer it's works.

    Any idea ?

  • Start it non-detached and check the error that QProcess reports. Also, trace the syscalls made by your program. Are you sure hl.exe is in your path?

  • We found the problem, it come from an ATI dll.

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