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Resolving platform SDK Warning on macOS

  • I am getting the following warnings:

    Project WARNING: Qt has only been tested with version 10.15 of the platform SDK, you're using 11.0.
    Project WARNING: This is an unsupported configuration. You may experience build issues, and by using
    Project WARNING: the 11.0 SDK you are opting in to new features that Qt has not been prepared for.
    Project WARNING: Please downgrade the SDK you use to build your app to version 10.15, or configure
    Project WARNING: with CONFIG+=sdk_no_version_check when running qmake to silence this warning.

    I am not sure how to resolve this problem.

    I am using:

    Qt Creator 4.13.2
    Based on Qt 5.15.1 (Clang 11.0 (Apple), 64 bit)
    Built on Oct 1 2020 01:16:45

    I have Xcode Version 12.2 (12B45b) installed.

    $ xcodebuild -showsdks
    iOS SDKs:
    	iOS 14.2                      	-sdk iphoneos14.2
    iOS Simulator SDKs:
    	Simulator - iOS 14.2          	-sdk iphonesimulator14.2
    macOS SDKs:
    	DriverKit 20.0                	-sdk driverkit.macosx20.0
    	macOS 11.0                    	-sdk macosx11.0
    tvOS SDKs:
    	tvOS 14.2                     	-sdk appletvos14.2
    tvOS Simulator SDKs:
    	Simulator - tvOS 14.2         	-sdk appletvsimulator14.2
    watchOS SDKs:
    	watchOS 7.1                   	-sdk watchos7.1
    watchOS Simulator SDKs:
    	Simulator - watchOS 7.1       	-sdk watchsimulator7.1

    I assume the warning is based on finding: macOS 11.0 -sdk macosx11.0

    When I ran the Qt installer, I selected the Qt version 5.12.10 of the components.

    If more information is required, please let me know.


  • I downloaded Xcode 11.7 and executed

    sudo xcode-select -s /Applications/

    xcodebuild -showsdks then shows macOS 10.15 -sdk macosx10.15.

    However, Qt Creator does not honor what is selected with xcode-select.

    The solution appears to be:

    1. go to Projects -> Build & Run -> Desktop Qt 5.12.10 clang 64.bit -> Build.

    2. go to the Build Environment section and edit the PATH.

    The path will contain


    I changed it to:


    which is the location where I installed Xcode 11.7.

    The warnings have disappeared.

    If there is a better solution or something I have missed, I would be interested.

    If someone can confirm this is the correct solution, that would be appreciated.

  • There are complete instructions for downloading, finding and installing older SDKs in newer XCode versions in this answer on Stack Overflow:

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