[Solved] start using qt-components desktop

  • Hi
    I want try using Desktop componet.
    I downloaded project files from gitorius through web interface, unpacked zip tar.gz file. Load prjoect to Qt Creator, built all.
    All ok. But how I can start use QtDesktop componet in my own project?
    Import QtDesktop underlined by red. I guess that I should copy some files to somewhere but what files and where?
    And how I can do it automaticly?

  • Open a terminal, go to directory where sources are and type

    make install

  • Thanks for good idea but some additional details.
    My environment: Win7, MinGW, SDK installed in the directory "C:\QtSDK"

    Open cmd window and first of all setup environment varaiables
    next we can make & install, but executable file for make will call mingw32-make.exe. So..
    @c:\QtSDK\bin\mingw32-make.exe install@

    P.S. Someone from QtDesktop project add instructions for win developers please.

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