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Qt for Qnx on PowerPc

  • Hi all,

    I need a little help here while trying to make Qt work on a QNX PowerPc platform...

    As this particular platform isn't given in the offical archive ...I thought I had to build Qt on my own

    So here are the steps I followed...please help me if I got something wrong :
    1- downloaded Qt everywhere 4.8.0 rc1 on a Debian Distribution
    3- Untar, unzip
    3- configure -xplatform unsupported/qws/qnx-pp-g++ -embedded ppc -big-endian -no-gfx-linuxfb -no-mouse-linxtp -no-kbd-tty -no-qt3-support -qt-mouse-qnx -qt-kbd-qnx -qt-gfx-qnx -depths 16,24,32,generic -no-exceptions -qt-gfx-vnc
    4- make
    5- sudo make install

    everything went ok (but the compilation of the examples...seems to be a problem of PATH)

    Then I created a simple QApplication which says "Hello World" in the console
    6-I compiled my application on my linux host using qmake -project then qmake then make
    7-Copy this application to my PowerPc target...
    8-Try to launch it (with every libs copied before) .... "MEMORY FAULT!!! "

    What can I do to do a diagnostic ?

  • You have to cross compile your app for QNX. You have to have QNX Momentics installed. After compiling Qt for QNX, you have to install compiled Qt to a directory where Momentics was installed (I use Ubuntu and I am building my apps for QNX x86, in my case it is: /opt/qnx650/...). I can write You more about installing it if you will need:-) easiest way to install it is to download Qt build from "QNX foundry 27": and then replace libs with your build...

    Then in your project you have to create makefile file for qnx, I called mine MakefileQNX and there should be this:
    Than I have to create folder nto-x86-o in which I created file GNUmakefile with following code:
    ifndef QCONFIG
    include $(QCONFIG)
    include $(MKFILES_ROOT)/
    And if I want to make my project for qnx i run:
    @make -f MakefileQNX@
    And in folder nto-x86-o is my project compiled for QNX. To run it in QNX you have to shutdown photon and run your app with -qws argument.

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