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Qt console: Get text from text file as a console input parameter

  • Hi!
    Is it possible to do something like this: "cat file.txt | ./myapp" for WINDOWS in Qt Creator debug mode?

  • @sitesv
    I think you are asking: "Can I have stdin redirected when I start to debug my program?". And, to make it even harder, you want it to come from the output of a process, not just from a file?

    I believe you will struggle with this. I'm not even sure I can see how to do that for gdb. You say Windows, but give no indication while debugger you are using.

    Until someone answers better, I would say "no" to you. But I shall read with interest if someone says it can be done.

    You can sett command-line arguments. I don't know if it would allow redirection via < file.txt --- I would expect it does not (since the shell is what does that). Even if it does, that won't allow for input-from-a-command-pipe.

    From your example, it's just equivalent to setting stdin to read from file file.txt. If you do not get a satisfactory solutuon, would you consider changing your program's command-line arguments (even if only for debugging) to allow e.g. myapp -i file.txt? It would sure me a lot simpler/quicker? :)

  • @JonB, I believed that there is a simple analog for windows. Ok, thank you, I will work with file in the app.

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