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Qt Bluettok Scanner Example does not find devices

  • Hey,
    I'm trying to develop a BT scanner. I thought about starting with the QT BT Scanner Example from link text
    However no scanning does actually seam to happen when I click scan

    The program immediately returns with 0 devices found.
    I'm running this example with QT 5.12.9 and MSVC17 64 bit on a Win 10 laptop with newest windows from October 2020 => (20H2)

    When I search new BT devices via Win 10 BT scan, it finds my device.

    Do you have any idea what's going wrong here?

    thx for your help

    Edit: Once I clicked "connect" in Windows 10 BT settings, the example does seam to find my device. Do you have any idea why?
    Does the example only scan for devices with where paired before?

    Edit 2:
    Just confirmed: The BT device has to have been paired to windows 10 before for the discovery to work. I tested 2 things

    1. Reset the BT device (BT device is still "known" to windows 10) => BT scanner finds device
    2. Remove BT device form BT List in windows 10 => BT scanner does not find device

    However: I'd like to find all available BT devices not only the once that have been paired before. Is that possible via QT?

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