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qt application for windows which connects Raspberry pi

  • hi i am working on qt for my project and i am stuck at starting since i am new to this tool. Aim of my development is to i need to develop a application that can connect my raspberry pi through WiFi / hot spot and login to it and send a file from my device to pi and get a file from pi by a request . Please help me to get finish this project

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Your requirements are not really clear.

    You seem to need your RPi to be some kind of server and have a separate client application that will connect to it.

    What type of login do you have in mind ?

    Wireless network may have different requirements. Either you need a password to access the network itself or you are connecting to some kind of jailed network like in an airport where you have to login through a page.

    Please explain your architecture with more details.

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  • @SGaist

    my project consist of a windows device and raspberry pi where it has Linux based OS.
    Here i need to have qt application that initially user need to connect to raspberry pi hotspot.
    After connecting user need to select a file in qt application then while he press a button it need to transfer to Pi it uses Ssh/ftp where it requires login in to the system initially that admin id or password.


    1)windows system will connect to raspberry pi hotspot
    2)raspberry pi runs ftp server in it
    3)windows qt application need to connect to the ftp server through IP
    4)Ftp server now ask for admin id and password after this Ftp server gets connected then you have the access to work ,send and copy file from the system
    5)After this in the Qt application user will fetch one file click the send button it will send to pi
    6)he clicks on another button to fetch and download a different file named xyz.txt from pi

    Note: file name remains the same

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    What exactly is your "Raspberry Pi hotspot" ?

  • @SGaist

    Computer and pi connected through WiFi local network. Connection between windows PC and raspberry pi is WiFi

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    So you want a RPi with a sftp server and a browser on your main machine.

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