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Button not aligned to the top in QHboxLayout

  • I have layout with the settings as below

    m_pLayout = new QHBoxLayout(this);

    now I have created a custom widget derived from QAbstarctButton with sizePolicy fixed for both width and height

    in SizeHint() method I am setting the fixed size for the widget

    Now when I add the widget to the layout i am setting the alignment Top


    where m_customWidget is the custom widget .

    After setting the alignment to top the widget is not aligned to top. It is set at the centre

    What Might be the reason, Am I missing something? please guide

  • @thomasjohnaj said in Button not aligned to the top in QHboxLayout:


    Just, just in case, please check the return result of this method.

  • @JonB It was a mistake from my side, I was using m_pLayout->addWidget( m_customWidget, Qt::AlignTop) instead of m_pLayout->setAlignment(m_customWidget,Qt::AlignTop) ( event though in question I mentioned it ) it worked when I used setAlignment call.

    But what is the difference from both the calls? Both have the options to set Alignemnt, but why first one didn't work for me.

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