[solved] Problem with QListView scrolling

  • Hello
    I earlier asked for some assistance regarding qlistviews (http://developer.qt.nokia.com/forums/viewthread/12298) and got some help that got me a lot further (thank you). Yet, I now run in to some issues, the code seems to segfault every time I try to "scroll". That is,
    if I call:

    @this->logList->scrollToBottom(); // where logList is my QListView@

    or if I try thhe code as suggested (probably understood the use incorrectly)

    QModelIndex index = this->model->index(row,0); // Is this correct? model = the data model in use (QStandardItemModel, 2D)

    if (index.isValid()) {
    //index is your last inserted item in the list

    I'd greatly appreciate any help! Thank you!

    • Richard

  • A segfault is often caused by accessing a dangling pointer. Are you sure, your logList pointer is (still) valid at that point?

  • I feel stupid... This particular part was used as a component, and used by one instance where the model hadn't been set. This was called first so it always seemed to crash at this call, though the reason wasn't the object I suspected.. :P

    Thank you for making me dig deeper!

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