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How to disable Creator debugger changing editor focus?

  • When a break point is reached, Qt Creator used to display that break point in the active, in-focus editor pane/split. Now, if an editor pane/split exists containing the file with that break point, Qt Creator will change focus to that pane/split and locate the break point there. How can I disable this new behavior and have the debugger again open break and stack points in the desired active pane/split, rather than changing to out of focus pane/splits that exist for another reason?

    I am using QtCreator 4.13.2 with Qt 5.15.1, with GDB 9.2 in Ubuntu 20.04.1.

    I used to be able to open a new editor split, run the debugging session within it, and then close or minimize that split to continue my editing session. Now it is impossible to maintain the state of my editor splits during a debugging run.

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