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What's the best dcvs to use with Qt ?

  • A good troll is the best way to generate so activity, and to test more :)

    Personally, I use bzr, but the lack of support in various IDE is anoying, and it's too bad Qt's translation system isn't compatible with Launchpad (not out of the box).

    What about you ?

  • errrm, what's a dcvs? :) If you mean a versioning system, we use git and love it! Personally I still need some help when I make an ass out of myself, but being able to develop offline and then push a big chunk of commits is really awesome

  • have to admit that I tried mercurial as well. it might be faster on windows, but it is missing @stash@ out of the box. there is also Tortoise GUI.

  • I use git for my projects also on the projects that I intent to contribute, they're using git as well, but I don't like the Linus' attitude on it :P (like the one here:

  • Let me feed the troll: Why would there be one best? And why would the use of Qt matters when choosing the visioning system? (Or is your question: what is the dvcs that is best integrated in Creator?)

  • [quote author="Henrik Hartz" date="1273150246"]errrm, what's a dcvs? :) If you mean a versioning system, we use git and love it! Personally I still need some help when I make an ass out of myself, but being able to develop offline and then push a big chunk of commits is really awesome[/quote]

    @git stash
    git pull --rebase
    git stash pop@

    Trying out some quoting.

  • It looks like textile turned two '-' into an em-dash.

  • [quote author="stephen" date="1273252765"]It looks like textile turned two '-' into an em-dash. [/quote]

    I'll have some words with textile, thanks!

  • Textile will behave now, the fix is in.

  • Personally I like Mercurial. Because it works better than Git on my Windows 7. And TortoiseHg is good too.

    But for Qt apps, maybe Git is better choise. See "gitorious": . :)

  • I like a lot subversion, because is very easy to set up your own server for personal user and the integration with QtCreator works very good as well

  • Git for me too. Before I used Subversion but switched to Git because it creates a full local copy of the repository and has much easier branch control.

  • I saw a blueprint about adding bzr support to Qt Creator over at the ubuntu web page. Check the "Creator plugin page": for a link.

    PS: Please update the page if anything needs updating or you know of a plugin that is missing there.

  • I use Git only because it seems to work slightly better than bzr, but I'm with Milot, I can't stand Linus. One pro for me is, I'm seeing more repositories out there that support git, especially in the Ruby community.

    I might give mercurial a try.

    Subversion seems to be a great central repository. I sometimes have a central repo with svn and use git or bzr locally. There are pros and cons to this depending on which dvcs you use.

  • A lot of Qt projects (including Qt itself) are hosted on "":, so I would say try git there first. It's pretty simple even for people who don't know anything about git.
    This short FAQ should get you started: "FAQ":

  • I haven't used any other DVCS then git. Using SVN after getting acquainted with git is like being a prisoner in "Plato's Cave": that is let out to gaze upon the sun then bundled back into the cave and chained to the wall again.

    Git plug: A great reference site for git is "git ready":

  • I've tried Monotone, Mercurial, Subversion and Git. Ended up with Git.

    Mercurial didn't have inline branching and rebase back then.

    Git feels more natural. Things getting easier day by day. Especially when you are the kind of guy who like to make last minute decision.

  • Shame on me, I have been lazy and still havent tested none of those, I just copy my current project directory and start a branch from there.
    Humm, a couple a days ago just had a nasty hard disk crush, I think I'm going to loose 2 weeks of development, so it's time to start looking for a on-line repository. I think will try git...

  • I am simply unable to function with Git - it is a mutual hate/hate relationship.

    Mercurial on the other hand worked almost out-of-the-box for me and it works fine in Qt-Creator to.

  • There's a nice comparison between git and mercurial on "some blog somewhere": It basically states that git is MacGuyver, while Mercurial is James Bond. Just read it for some more.

  • I suppose it's about time for me to adopt a CM tool. I'll be the sole developer on this project, but I want to "do it right." Do we have a tutorial anywhere on the Mercurial integration?


  • The mercurial integration of Qt Creator should be straightforward, it's the command line tools with some nice GUI around it. First, you need to get accustomed to mercurial as such :-)

    Best is to start with the Mercurial docs and play the examples on the command line.

  • Thanks...I tried creating a repository (from withing Creator), and it failed, so I figured I'd better start doing some reading.

  • What was the error message?

    And depending on how and where Mercurial is installed, it might be necessary to tell Qt Creator the path (Preferences / Version control / Mercurial; enter the path to hg in the top most field and your Name and Email in that below, unfortunately Creator seems not to pick up the default values...

  • Well, the error message I was alluding to was "A version control repository could not be created in (my directory)," but...

    ...I just looked at the messages in the version control window, and it says it can't find hg, so I think you're right. In fact, I'm not convinced it's installed on my system. I assumed because the create command in the Tools->Mercurial menu was active, it was installed; not necessarily so?

  • Nope, unfortunately the menus are not disabled then.

    Mercurial is not installed by default on a Mac OS X box (as opposed to subversion). You can install it easily with

    sudo easy_install -U mercurial

    You can use this command too, to upgrade mercurial, once a new version is out.

    hg is then installed in /usr/local/bin, thus you should enter /usr/local/bin/hg in the config box.

  • Actually, I downloaded it from a site I found through google. The repository created successfully this time, so I'll assume the other stuff will work. Thanks, Volker.

  • That's ok too, of course.

    Feel free to ask further questions, if you have, possibly on a new thread in the Lounge for example, as Mercurial is not so deeply Qt-related :-)

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