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Qt VS Tools environment corrupt? moc trying to compile .ui files

  • Environment: Windows 10 with Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise, Qt VS Tools 2.6.0 (rev.6) Qt Version 5.15.0, Azure Repository (git)

    What I did:
    I've been developing with Qt on Linux for 15 years. This year I had to use Windows/Visual Studio for an existing project. I was trying to do a MSBuild from the .sln on an Azure Devops environment. Welcome to the wild west!

    The problem: Building the .sln on Azure Dev Ops

    So I branched and googled to find answers for building the Qt dependent code from the .sln. The Azure Devops spins up a windows 10 vm pipeline to do the build. I installed Qt on the pipeline. I've seen articles describing how to run qmake, but I didn't want to do that because the .sln builds the Qt dependent code without a .pro/.pri. I haven't been able to find enough documentation to figure out how to do that on the Azure instance. So that's one thing I need.

    I don't want to have to copy the libs the .sln depends on to the .pri file. Too time consuming.

    I copied my %LOCALAPPDATA%\QtMsBuild directory to the project directory, added it to git and pushed to my topic branch. I switched over to the Azure DevOps instance and edited the pipeline to set the QtMsBuild variable. It didn't work.

    I decided to try to export to .pri and import it back into the project to see if that would prompt VS to set up the QtMsBuild so I could build it with MSBuild. The import failed with VS Complaining that "Key cannot be null
    Parameter name: key"

    And that's all.

    One of these actions caused builds in VS to start behaving badly. Now when I build, I get the following error.

    1> moc: Too many input files specified: 'acvpcapswizard.ui' 'AddArrayOrObjectForm.ui' ...

    First of all, why is moc trying to compile ui files? I thought it's job was to find the Q_OBJECT macro and compile _moc files. Isn't uic supposed to be compiling the .ui files?

    Second, when I switched back to dev branch, without any edits, I still get the same error.

    Have I somehow corrupted my Qt VS Tools environment? Can I fix this?

    Thanks for all help.

  • I have this error suddenly after updating Qt VS Tools (2017) to v2.6.0. Everything was OK before. Anyone can help? Can I downgrade VS Tools to the older version?

    1> moc: Too many input files specified: 'D:\Long Path\controller.qrc' 'controller' 'default' 'D:\Long Path\src1.h'
    1> moc: Too many input files specified: 'D:\Long Path\controller.qrc' 'controller' 'default' 'D:\Long Path\controller.h'

  • Update: downgraded to v2.5.2, problem solved.

  • Solved by updating Qt VS Tools to Qt VS Tools 2.6.0 (rev.7)

  • Updating to rev.7 fixed it for me also. Previous revision was broken.

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