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QtCreator does not see examples

  • Re: [Qt Creator does not see examples; also can't build them](because of permissions.)


    I build qt from source (qt-everywhere-src-5.15.1) and build qtcreator from git - both following instructions from wiki.
    My system is debian stable (buster).
    First build was performed in qt source directory - as that did not work as expected, I removed all qt-stuff and created a shadow build with developer-build option. But I installed it anyway in opt/qt...

    Most things seem to work, but no examples in welcome page.

    I can import an example via *.pro file and edit, build and run it. Themes to work with new qt and qtcreator. But I guess, being able to search examples might be handy ...

    I read a lot about this issue - many recommend changing file/directry permissions, build docs, ...
    none of these recommendations worked for me.
    Then a read wiki about qtcreator and examples (hint from old thread with same title).
    There I read that qtcreator searches for examples-manifest.xml files.

    I guess, that's the problem. I found all manifest files in shadow build directory of qt, but none of them was installed to /opt/qt...
    ... and qmake -query does not know anything about shadow build dir, where the xml-files are located.

    Any hint, how I could get the search function for examples to work with my (self-compiled) installation?

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