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QT GUI errors when input is added to textEdit

  • QT GUI now opens up successfully and lineEdit slots are filled in if programmed by python code however if I, myself, enter any value within a lineEdit slot of the GUI, the GUI exits on its own with following error:

    python3.7: relocation error: /localhome/lab/FaizanEnv/lib/python3.7/site-packages/PyQt5/Qt/plugins/platforminputcontexts/ symbol xkb_compose_table_new_from_locale, version V_0.5.0 not defined in file with link time reference

  • Solution:

    PyQt5 (latest version 5.15 which deb 8 installs automatically) is not compatible with libxkbcommon versions < 0.5.0. Deb 8 installs 0.4.3 version of libxkbcommon.

    Rather than manually building the upgraded version of libxkbcommon ( and potentially breaking other stuff) I downgraded the PyQt5 version on debian 8 via command:

    pip install pyqt5==

    Versions 0.5.13 and higher show the same error from original message. is the most upgraded version without this issue.

    This fixed the problem!

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