"Qt Core UI, Live Forum" core-ui-sample *.qmlproject and *.pro source code?

  • I attended "Qt Core UI, Live Forum" on Sep 30, 2020 with presenters Corey and Bram. I appreciated this webinar and it was very useful.

    Any references to Bram's core-ui-sample example repo or something similar would be helpful in understanding the "Core UI" guidelines presented by Bram. I liked the idea of being able to switch between the QML project and the Qt C++ project. I also liked the idea of "UI harnesses" to test a part of your UI .

    Corey had a great idea that was new to me. The gist was Corey would create a QML component with same name as his eventual C++ model to simulate in Qt Designer Studio. Then in his Qt *.pro he added a conditional CONFIG that included the actual C++ model, else the simulated QML model. I think he used timers to create simulated changing data.

    This article was mentioned as a reference:

    Simulating Application Logic

    Any further references are appreciated.



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