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  • Like Jimbo, I am new to Qt and trying to learn from the book and tutorials. I am very much perplexed by the absence of documentation for Qt Creator now nearly two years since its introduction.

    Basically, there seems to be one tutorial, TextFinder, Obviously, one needs to know more than is covered in that tutorial. To go beyond it, I turned to the Blanchette and Summerfield book. I found that if I copy from the CD to my hard disk the folder of one of the chapters, start Creator, click File -> Open file or project and pick one of the .pro files, I can then click Creator's green triangle and the project compiles, links, and runs. No fussing with qmake or moc. That is nice.

    But then the trouble begins. Even for the simplest Chapter 1 examples, if I use Creator to do some of the coding work, I get code quite different from what is in the book. For example, the hello.h file makes use of namespace! It is hard to see how to combine hand-written with machine generated code.

    It would be such a boon to beginners if someone would revise the first three chapters of the book to make optimal use of Qt Creator. Is any such project underway? Even just the GoToCell example in chapter 3 would be a big help.

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    I split off this topic from "here": as it is unrelated. The old topic has been dormant for almost a year now, let's not wake the dead.

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    Did you check the help mode in Qt Creator? Creator does have a pretty useful help build right into itself:-)

    Please feel free to file suggestions for improvements in "our bug tracker": I am sure the documentation team will appreciate the feedback.

  • Not to be just a complainer, I undertook to rewrite for Qt Creator two sections (pages 23 - 36) of Blanchette and Summerfield, first edition. The necessary revisions were extensive and required considerable looking around and trial and error. Moreover, the revision of the second of the two sections, "Shape-Changing Dialogs", was only partially successful.

    I think that what I have would be of interest to anyone trying to learn to use Qt Creator, and, at the same time I would welcome help as to why I could not get the the shape-changing dialog to work the way it is written in the book. (I got an alternative to give almost the same result.)

    How can I share what I have written and get help with the problems? It is far too much to put into a post. I have searched through the Documentation section, and can find no way of sharing something like this. It is hardly a bug report, and certainly not a doc note. Is there any way to communicate it to the people working in documentation?

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    That does indeed sound interesting. I would love to have something like that as part of the Qt Creator documentation, but am not sure it is OK to include something you describe as a "rewrite of two sections of Blanchette and Summerfield".

    Maybe you could get into contact with them and have them include it in a new copy of their work? Or -- if you consider your work to be derived and the original authors agree -- you could integrate it into the Qt Creator documentation found next to the sources in "the repository": and send your change for review via "gerrit":

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