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How to write a Qt plugin to register a windows precision touchpad as a QTouchDevice and get QTouchEvents from it?

  • Windows supports multi-touch capable precision touchpads. They are kind of common in modern laptops. Events coming from these touchpads are seen by QT as mouse and scrolling events. This is probably because Windows does not seem to be sending WM_TOUCH messages from user interaction with the touchpad. Access to multitouch data from these devices (number of touchpoints, coordinates, etc.) is possible using the raw input devices API and HID API.

    According to QTouchDevice documentation "It is the responsibility of the platform or generic plug-ins to register the available touch devices via QWindowSystemInterface before generating any touch events."

    Can someone point me in the right direction as for how to implement a plugin that creates a touch device for a precision touchpad, registers the touchpad device, and processes raw input data into touch events? Like this I could use the framework that QT provides for handling gestures.

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