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How to dynamically add QPushButton in QStackedWidget?

  • QStackedWidget is already complete by QT creator.
    but I want add QPushButton in QStackedWidget as coding(C++).
    What I want to do is add a new button to the bottom of the current screen
    when I press a button that already exists in the QStackedWidget.

    Below are some of the sources.


    QPushButton* nextButton = new QPushButton();
    nextButton->setGeometry(QRect(QPoint(1150, 620), QSize(93, 28)));
    connect(nextButton, SIGNAL(clicked()), this, SLOT(readCustomerGraph()));


    When I do this, the button is visible but cannot be clicked.

    I hope for help.
    thank you.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to the forums.

    if possible you should use the new connect syntax as that tells if a connection cannot be made at compile time.

    in any case,
    the addwidget you are using is for adding new pages!
    Is that what you want ? Its very odd to use a button as a page.

    if you mean to insert into the existing pages,
    then you can access that widget via
    or ui->page_2
    You can see names in the Designer.

    But often you want such buttons outside of the page and under the stackedwidget as you want them always there.

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