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[Resolved] Object::connect: No such signal QNetworkAccessManager::sslErrors

  • Hi all:

    This problem is driving me crazy..

    I installed openssl, then I compiled qt 4.7.4 with -openssl option.
    but when i run my application ,always get this error info:

    Object::connect: No such signal QNetworkAccessManager::sslErrors

    Does anyone knows how to resolve it?
    Is there any other configuration needed?


  • Could you show your actual connect statement?

  • @ connect(m_page.networkAccessManager(), SIGNAL(sslErrors ( QNetworkReply * reply, const QList<QSslError> & errors )), this, SLOT(handleSslErrors(QNetworkReply * reply, const QList<QSslError> & errors)));

  • I know what leads to this problem...
    Should not write the formal parameter names in the connect statement.
    The follow statement works.

    @ connect(m_page.networkAccessManager(), SIGNAL(sslErrors(QNetworkReply , const QList<QSslError> &)), this, SLOT(handleSslErrors(QNetworkReply, const QList<QSslError> &)));

    Thanks, Andre.

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