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Cloning option CMake stuck

  • I may have asked similar question before , but since the issue is still unresolved , here is possible dupe.

    I am following cloning wizard and I am stuck at
    Check CMake Tools -> Options ->build & run -<CMake


    I cannot select the available or already used "name" (?).
    I can only add - and then I really do not know what to add. Just a "name" ?

    Besides that - what the heck is "name" of CMake
    and why I have to select it anyway especially for cloned project ?

    I used this

    and it does not cover WHAT to do , configure (?) "Check CMake Tools", , AFTER actual cloning is successfully finished.


    Any reasonable suggestion would be appreciated.


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    You have to add the path to your cmake executable in the first dialog so QtCreator can use it.
    And there is a documentation for this:

  • OK, it is not that clear how to apply the process in Option wizard.

    I have a feeling the clone wizard is not working correctly,
    some option I can change, CMake I cannot.

    First - I have to start the ENTIRE cloning process over including physically downloading all github stuff.

    Second - no matter what I do I cannot deselect the Autorun.

    The Name field displays a name for the CMake installation.
    The Path field displays the path to the CMake executable.
    The Help file field displays the path to the CMake help file (.qch) provided by and installed with CMake.
    Deselect the Autorun CMake check box if you do not want to automatically run CMake every time when you save changes to CMakeLists.txt files.
    Select the Auto-create build directories check box to initially configure the project in a temporary directory. When you build the project Qt Creator starts from scratch and configures the project again using the build directory.
    Select Apply to save your changes.

    I'll try to do this NOT using wizard .

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